The technology

     It is in sports saddles “western” that a seat is a very important element.
An extremely carefully made profile, adapted to a physique of a rider, enables a correct position.
I apply two techniques for making the seats. A standard seat is made by me on an enhanced metal profile. The second method is much more labour-intensive. The seat is made entirely of leather, is flexible and enables a close contact to animal. The essential detail is a correct position of fenders, their unfettered movements and an adequate position of stirrups. I acquire the leathers of the highest quality, intended mainly for the saddle industry, from the specially selected meat cattle from western tanneries.
     The long-term natural skin tanning process strengthens the structure, causing that it is extremely durable and resistant to the external factors like  fungi, mould, salt, acids etc.

The metal parts are made of acid-resistant steel, copper, brass and aluminium.

I aim at the highest quality of the product, individual approach to each customer and meeting the requirements of each order through to the detailed preparations of the entire process of the saddles production as well as of other essential elements.
The effect is obtaining the high quality products and above all very competitive prices.
The most important element of a saddle is its construction, also called a tree that has a high impact on the behaviour of the horse.
The precise and symmetrical construction enables unfettered movements of the horse.

It is for the production of the trees that we use specially selected pine wood of exceptional resistances to stresses arising during the ride.

We use only the strongest parts of the trunk to obtain the quality class of the wood at K27 or higher.
Additionally the trees are coated with a very tough strict leather thanks to which the tree does not lose its properties of being flexible.

I also cover the tree with a special resin, which strengthens the entire construction and extends its life.

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